ASK Invitational 2012 – Report

Sepang International Kart Circuit, Malaysia – February 4-5, 2012

  • Yamaha Cadet
  • Yamaha Junior
  • KF3
  • KF2
  • Sonik Sport
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The event attracted a total of 46 karters from five countries – 10 entries in Cadet, 8 in Junior, 5 in Sonik Sport, 8 in KF3 and 15 in KF2.


Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2 for all
Heat 3 for KF3 and KF2
Pre-Final and Final for all

Five podium places for all categories.

Yamaha Cadet:

This category attracted ten entries from four countries. Just over one second covered the fist nine karts in Qualifying with pole being taken by Taiga Imoto followed by Dhummatorn Siri-O-Wattana and Phaneesh H B. In Heat 1 the karts of Tanapongpan Sutumno, Pradyumna Vipul D and Mohamed Nazim Azman crashed in the first corner. All three managed to restart but they were unable to recover the time and finished in the last three positions. The Heat was taken by Taiga very closely followed by Dhummatorn and Phaneesh. Taiga and Dhummatorn came first and second in Heat 2 – again very close. Phaneesh spun in the dying laps dropping down to sixth. This handed third place to Muizzuddin Musyaffa, more than five seconds behind the second place kart. In the Pre-Final, the karts of Taiga, Dhummatorn and Muizzuddin quickly opened a gap to the rest of the pack. The three of them had quite a battle with positions changing frequently. Finally first place went to Dhummatorn, followed by Taiga and Muizzuddin. The Final saw no change in the first three karts except that the gaps between them were much greater with Muizzuddin coming in third over nine seconds behind Dhummatorn.

Yamaha Junior:

There were eight entries in the junior category from four countries. Almost three seconds covered first to last place in Qualifying with Hiromi Inoue in first, followed by Praewphan Thammalapa and Ryuusei Kato. In Heat 1, Hiromi just got to the line ahead of Ryuuta Ueda. Praewphan came in third, over three seconds behind Ryuuta. In Heat 2 the same three karts led the way but finished in the order of Ryuuta, Praewphan and Hiromi. Muhammad Najib Zafri had technical problems in both Heats and dnf’d in both. In the Pre-Final, Hiromi took the early lead and started to pull away but Praewphan fought back and the two of them had quite a battle at the front with Hiromi eventually taking first. Third was Ryuuta Ueda. In the Final the kart of Dhruv S Mohite would not start on the grid so he started from the pit lane. The kart of Muhammad Najib Zafri was bumped and stalled. As he struggled to restart it, Dhruv was able to take him putting Najib at the back of the pack, and one lap down. At the front Hiromi battled with Krishnarj Mahadik, just getting to the line before him and followed by Ryuusei Kato.


Eight karters from three countries entered in this category. Qualifying was very close with Lee Wai Cong coming first, then Krishnarj Mahadik followed by Daim Hishammudin. In Heat 1 another first corner incident put Dhruv S. Mohite out. Lee Wai Cong was the initial leader but was taken by Daim who was first over the line. Lee Wai Cong was second and Mitchell Cheah third. Once again in Heat 2 the first corner catches out some karters. The kart of Mitchell Cheah went airborn and he was unable to continue. Lee Wai Cong came in first with a three second lead over Daim Hishammudin and another five seconds to Dhruv S Mohite. In Heat 3 three karts crashed in the first corner – it was the end of the race for Amir Azhan Safuan but Dhruv and Rory Elliott were able to restart, though they both lost a lot of time. Daim led from start to finish. Second was Wai Cong and third Mitchell. Unfortunately mechanical issues prevented Karen Tan from completing any of the Heats. In the Pre-Final Mitchell Cheah’s kart died on the formation lap and he was unable to restart it. Daim led from start to finish followed by Wai Cong and Amir Azhan Safuan.The same three karts went in to the lead in the Final but Daim could not hold the lead and eventually finished fifth. The chequered flag was taken by Wai Cong followed by Amir and Krishnarj Mahadik.


Fifteen karters from four countries started in this category. In Qualifying this very experienced field was led by Rahul Raj Mayer, second was Bryan Homi Mehta and third Andrew Tang. In Heat 1 Andrew and Bryan pulled away from the pack to finish first and second. Rahul came in third. Aggressive driving in the first corner of Heat 2 put Aaron Chang out. The same corner of the second lap made victims of Bryan and Rahul. This allowed Andrew Tang to take first, three seconds ahead of Nik Azri Syazwi, closely followed by Tanapon Nokkaew. In Heat 3 most of the pack got through the first corner without incident but the trailing kart of Ken Koda got knocked out. Nik Azri and Aaron took the lead but Bryan fought back to take first followed by Aaron and Nik Azri. Another first corner incident in the Pre-Final saw the karts of Mohamed Fairuz Fauzy, Ryan Mumford, Daniel Woodroof, Calvin Wong and Chia Wing Hoong lose around thirty seconds each. This gave the win to Bryan followed by Nik Azri and Andrew. In the Final, Bryan went into an early lead and pulled away from the pack crossing the line over 10 seconds ahead of Nik Azri and Rahul.

Sonik Sport:

This category had five starters from two countries. The two Japanese karters led qualifying – Tatsuya Ukai followed by Daichi Nagano. Ken Koda came in third. In Heat 1 the two Japanese drivers battled it out at the front with Tatsuya just edging Daichi. Ken came in third almost twelve seconds behind them. In Heat 2 Tatsuya got involved in an incident in the first corner and was unable to continue. This allowed Daichi to take the flag six seconds ahead of Ken and Jeremy Nyam. In Heat 3 once again the two Japanese drivers opened a gap after Ken was knocked out in the first corner. Tatsuya took first from Daichi, followed by Jeremy. An accident in the first corner of the Pre-Final gave Daichi an 18 second lead over Tatsuya. Jeremy came in third a lap down. In the Final it was to be Tatsuya who just edged Daichi to the flag with Jeremy in third.